Ever seen an old style cake cutter? Watch TikTok person’s viral video

A TikTok user posted a video of her father’s old fashioned cake cutter that went crazy on social media with over 3 million views so far.

Screenshot from a video posted on Instagram by fit_mentally_first.

Have you ever seen an old fashioned cake cutter? It’s really interesting and has gotten the internet fascinating too. TikTok user fit_mentally_first posted the video on the Chinese video sharing app as well as her Instagram account and it has gone crazy on social media.

By chance, the TikTok user’s father bought the cake cutter from a thrift store. With the help of the tool, which is actually quite practical, the girl cut a delicious cake and demonstrated the use of the cake cutter to her fans and followers.

“Let’s cut my dad’s birthday cake with the old-fashioned cake cutter we found at the thrift store,” she said in her post.

“Since TikTok has 3.4 million, I thought I’d post it here,” she said in the caption of her post.

Obviously her video went viral on social media and the internet absolutely loved it. “That’s so satisfying,” said one user in the comment section. Another user added, “This looks so good.”

See the comments here:

Screenshot from fit_mentally_firsts Instagram.

That’s great!

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