Errors to Cease Making With Your Reels

Today, we’re tackling a common challenge for many business owners on Instagram  – and that is the frustration of spending so much time creating and posting Reels, and then not seeing the views, likes, and comments you envisioned.  

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why your Reels seem to be floating in a sea of unnoticed content, keep listening. We’re diving into the mistakes that might be holding your Reels back from reaching the audience they deserve.

First Mistake to Avoid

Kicking off with the first mistake—leaving off the hook. The hook is the text at the very beginning of your Reel, which is what a viewer sees first. It often is the deciding factor in whether they’ll stay to watch. Picture it as the headline or subject line of your Reel.

Smaller accounts face the challenge of resonating with strangers who may not be familiar with your face or brand. So the hook is meant to “hook someone in” like fishing!

The hook is like the bait. It is meant to grab the attention of someone scrolling through their feed and get them to stay and watch.

Second Mistake

This one is a crucial point—forgetting to caption a video. Picture this: someone stumbles upon your Reel, and their sound is muted. Without captions, you risk missing out on a massive audience who watched Reels on silent.

Captions play a dual role in enhancing your Reels. Firstly, they make your content accessible to the hearing-impaired community, ensuring the inclusivity of your content. Plus it also takes care of those people listening on mute.

Third Mistake (Often Overlooked)

Forgetting to save your Reel locally before adding text and even again before hitting that upload button. This is a really strategic move that can significantly impact how useful your content can be.

So, here’s the deal: before you get into the nitty-gritty of adding text. take a moment to save it locally. Consider it future planning for content. When you save your Reel locally, you open the door to repurposing it down the road. 

Think of it like building a library of valuable creativity that can be reshaped, reimagined, and reused.

For business owners who don’t have a social media manager or just want to get posting done faster, this step is a game-changer. You can learn from insights and engagement. Saving locally gives you the flexibility to adapt and evolve your content strategy without starting from scratch every time. We have a whole video on how to do it and we’ll link here on the screen!

Forth Mistake

Another common mistake, and the last one we’re sharing today, is not including a clear CTA, your Call to Action. It’s essential to guide your audience’s steps on what to do next. Whether it’s asking them to like a post, leave a comment, save your post, or sign up for something, being clear ensures your viewers take the desired action.

Confusion leads to inaction, so let’s fix that.

We have a video all about CTAs and we can link that one here!. I think it’s really important for business owners to not ask someone to do too many things. So choose one call to action, and be very direct about it.


Now we’ve shared 5 mistakes to avoid, and if you want to keep improving your Reels and growing your online business, our free guide is the perfect next step. It’s called  “5 Quick and Easy Hacks For More Professional and Engaging Reels.” It’s free and available by clicking this link!

We can’t wait to see how these simple but important updates can transform your Reels and your reach.

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