Entrepreneurs cautious of spending on TikTok regardless of customers favouring its advertisements

According to Kantars Media Reactions 2021 study, TikTok remains the social media platform where users value advertising the most and see advertising the least negatively.

On the other hand, TikTok is still not trusted by marketers compared to more established platforms like Facebook and YouTube. However, budget holders recognize that the Tiktok platform remains the most innovative place for ads.

As a result, marketers’ trust has doubled, and many more marketers are positive about placing ads on the platform.

The study conducted 14,500 consumer interviews covering over 290 brands in 23 countries – representing over 80% of global media spend. It also includes the marketer’s perspective from interviews with over 900 senior marketers from advertisers, agencies and media companies worldwide.

“The results highlight the challenge for brands to reflect the latest consumer media preferences as well as their own values ​​and brand positioning in their media mix,” said Pablo Gomez, Head of Creative and Media at Kantar Singapore.

“It is important for marketers to understand that the platform is also an integral part of the message today. They need to go beyond range and frequency planning and be able to make more strategic choices about where their communications should appear. Advertisers can improve the performance of their communications by choosing the right environments. “

What are the results of the study?

  • The majority of global marketers plan to increase spending on their favorite ad formats like online videos, influencer content, and social media ads in 2022, with many saying they will reduce spending on print ads.

  • Marketers plan to invest their spending on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

  • Consumers say they are attracted to offline advertising platforms such as cinema, sponsored events, magazine advertising and point of sale (POS).

  • In 16 of the 23 markets examined, the media brand with the highest ranking was a local media brand or a localized version of global media brands. 10 of these 16 are news and magazine brands.

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