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English football governing bodies have welcomed a proposed new law to punish social media companies for failing to root out online abuse. It should be issued as soon as possible.

The Online Safety Act stipulates that social media companies can be fined up to 10 percent of sales, or £ 18 million, while executives could also face criminal charges.

Sky Sports joined the broader sports community in a social media boycott between April 30 and May 3 to combat online abuse and discrimination.

In a joint statement by several bodies including the Premier League, the Football Association, the EFL and Kick it Out, it said on Tuesday: “English football welcomes the announcement of the online safety law in the Queen’s speech today and we are calling for it incorporated into legislation as soon as possible.

“Social media companies must be held accountable for protecting their users.

The draft of the Online Security Act contains:

Ofcom, the new online regulator, can fine companies up to £ 18 million, or 10% of their annual global sales, whichever is greater, for failing to remove harmful content

The threat of criminal action against senior executives if tech companies fail to meet their responsibilities, with the new rules being reviewed every two years

Ofcom can block access to websites

“It is therefore crucial that all legal and regulatory frameworks are robust and effective so that social media companies must do more to prevent, detect and remove discriminatory abuse on their platforms.”

“This opportunity must be seized to ensure that individuals and communities are protected from toxic online abuse.

“The recent boycott of social media, spearheaded by English football and supported by other sports, international governing bodies, corporations, charities and individuals around the world, has shown that we have enough in common.

Football has teamed up in a three-day social media boycott to highlight the problem of online abuse

“Today’s announcement is a step forward and we welcome the opportunity to continue working with the government to ensure that the measures are implemented as soon as possible.

“We urge social media companies to recognize the effects of their inaction and to take moral responsibility by acting now to combat abuse on their platforms before regulations are enacted.”

Dowden: The fans came together

Oliver Dowden visited Charlton Athletic prior to the start of the Online Safety Act

Oliver Dowden visited Charlton Athletic prior to the start of the Online Safety Act

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden believes fans are ready to band together in the fight against online abuse.

Dowden, the Secretary of State for the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) visited League One team Charlton ahead of the start of the Online Safety Act.

Speaking at the event, Dowden said, “It has been really inspiring to see the work Charlton has done over the years. We have seen fans come together to stop the European Super League proposals and I think there is a similar one Feeling of coming together and coming. ” Stop the online racism and hatred that soccer players experience. “

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden speaks to Charlton's Wassim Aouachria about his experience of online abuse

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden speaks to Charlton’s Wassim Aouachria about his experience of online abuse

Charlton Academy player Wassim Aouachria had the opportunity to speak to Dowden about his personal experience of social media abuse.

Aouachria said: “I am very pleased to hear that steps are being taken to root out discriminatory abuse on social media.

“I was abused on social media a few months ago and it was difficult for me and my family to understand.

“I was grateful for the support I received from the club and more needs to be done to hold people accountable for their actions.

“Hopefully the upcoming Online Safety Act can help us create a safer, more welcoming and inclusive environment for players, managers, employees, fans and everyone involved with football.”

Hatred won’t stop us

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