El Paso college districts handle viral “vandalism” Tik Tok pattern

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Local school districts are reaching out to parents asking them to speak to their children about a viral trend on the Tik Tok social media site that is encouraging students to steal or destroy school property.

The Devious Lick challenge on Tik Tok challenges students to destroy their schools – bathrooms in most cases – and steal items like soap dispensers, hand sanitizer and toilet paper rolls and then post them on social media.

Lilly Martinez, a parent with children at Socorro ISD schools, said her children told her that her school had seen students take on the challenge.

“I think it’s getting out of hand,” Martinez said. “I think most of the items that are taken are hand sanitizer and soap dispensers, my elder says they took a toilet.”

According to SISD, individual schools of all grades are sending letters and phone calls to parents to let them know about the trend and encourage them to speak to their children about it. The message is:

Hello, this is (NAME), Headmaster of (SCHOOL). I’m calling to let you know of a new TikTok trend that has damaged schools across the country. The TikTok Challenge encourages students to destroy and steal school property and post on social media platforms. The consequences of damaging school property can range from a misdemeanor to a crime. The consequences of the theft or destruction of school property are also severe and may include eviction and police involvement. Please help us talk to your students about the grave consequences if they do this activity on campus.

SISD Parents Letter

“It’s kind of scary to think that it starts out as small as hand sanitizer, but it’s like someone sending you to do something much worse like hurting yourself or others,” Martinez said.

Some parents with students at Ysleta ISD schools said their children also told them about vandalism on their campus. A spokesman for YISD sent KTSM the following statement:

We are currently monitoring the situation. All incidents are handled by the campus administration and handled in accordance with the code of conduct for students. The safety of our students and staff remains our top priority at Ysleta ISD.

YISD spokesperson

At Eastlake High School, boys college soccer coach Gibby Widner said he had started an initiative with students to discuss the situation.

“We decided to come together to do a positive messaging campaign just to try and reverse the psychology of what we have here and the great things we have and those messages back on To bring campus, ”said Widner.

Students reported that their privileges were withdrawn in response to the challenge.

“We lost some privileges in the bathroom, such as the way we walked down the hallway, and we should be able to go to the bathroom without worrying about soap.” we get in trouble, “said one Eastlake student.

Another said even their Pep rally was canceled.

It appears that Tik Tok removed posts related to the Devious Lick challenge, but schools are continuing to notify parents to discuss the consequences.

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