Easy methods to Do a Clear Background on Instagram Story? (+ four Further Tips)

It’s super easy to create a transparent background in Instagram Story.

You can choose any color for your transparent background. I will also share 3 additional tricks.

  • How to make a transparent background in Instagram Story?
  • BONUS: How to Schedule Your Instagram Story Using Preview App (Phone + Desktop)

Let’s get right into it!

How to make a transparent background in Instagram Story?

To create a transparent background in Instagram Story, do the following:

Open your Instagram Story screen:

transparent background

Take a photo or video (or upload one from your camera roll).

You need it as a background to put a transparent color over it.

transparent background

Tap the three points “…” button, then the “Pull” Options:

transparent background

Select the third pen Option above (it’s the one that will be transparent):

transparent background

Choose a Color for your transparent background.

There are 3 ways to choose a color.

1. Choose a color from the basic color choices at the bottom of the screen:

transparent background

2. want more color options?

Hold your finger on a color and the full rainbow color palette will appear.

Drag your finger to any color. Once you find the color you like, let go of your finger on the color.

transparent background

3. Use Your own brand color.

Have your own branded color you’d like to use? But it’s hard to get it from the rainbow color palette?

No problem. Do that:

  • Add a picture of your color to the top of your story screen using the “Camera Roll” sticker
  • Tap the “Eye Dropper” tool next to the color picker at the bottom of your screen
  • Put it on the color you want
  • Delete your picture by dragging it to the bottom of the screen

transparent background

transparent background

transparent background

transparent background

And now what you have been waiting for: how do you make the transparent background color in your story?

Keep your finger on your screen. The Insta Story is covered by this transparent overlay

transparent background

Another trick.

Use the “Eraser” tool to customize your Insta Story even more. See the following examples:

transparent background

For example, you can uncover a specific part of your photo or video, or create outlines around a person or object:

transparent background

And you’re done!

BONUS: Schedule your Instagram stories with previews

Quick extra tip.

You can:

  • Plan yours posts, roll, tick tock And Instagram stories with preview appfrom your phone and / or Desk.
  • Watch your story flow Before You post them on Instagram

Like this:

transparent background

transparent background

That’s it!

Let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

Otherwise, have fun creating your stories and See you on Instagram!

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