Docs warn about ‘dry scooping,’ the brand new harmful TikTok pattern

“Dry scooping” is a TikTok trend where users eat a dash of dry, unmixed pre-workout powder. It contains up to 4 times as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Doctors are urging doctors to warn of a new TikTok challenge called “Scooping Dry” after a woman may have had a heart attack.

Experts say this dangerous new trend – where people ingest a shot of dry pre-workout powder – can have serious implications and is nothing to play around with.

Let’s connect the dots.

Here is the first issue. These so-called “pre-workout” protein mixes are not regulated by the FDA. Doctors say a single scoop can contain three to four times as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

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Normally you would never get that much in just one session, but with paddling it goes straight into your bloodstream in one go.

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This can cause far more than just the typical caffeine tremors. It can raise your blood pressure or even cause a heart attack. Doctors say it’s best to follow the directions on the package and mix it with water or milk so you don’t get sick.

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Another concern doctors have about paddling dry is that inhaling the powder in your throat and lungs could lead to pneumonia or infection. That is why there were so many warnings about the “Cinnamon Challenge” a few years ago.

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