Display Time: T-Rex Cookies proprietor Tina Rexing talks TikTok

T-Rex Cookies owner Tina Rexing wants you to know that #SizeMatters.

Game Status: Rexing sells her ½ pound and 5 pound cookies at retailers across the Midwest, including her two storefronts in the Twin Cities Metro, and she has built a large following on social media.

  • Her TikToks, which document the process of mixing new flavors, have racked up tens of millions of views in just a few months.

The newest: Rexing’s latest cookie flavor is inspired by the movie Encanto.

  • It mixes ingredients that represent key elements of the Disney animated film, including Magic Doors (Pop-Tarts), Isabella’s Petals (Fruity Pebbles), Antonio’s Animals (Animal Crackers), and The Candle (Twinkies).

What she says: “We have made over 200 flavors in the last seven years. Most are successful—but the mac and cheese cookie didn’t turn out well. Dill Pickle worked surprisingly well at the Bloody Mary Festival,” said Rexing.

The Baker, The Cookie Jar Confessionals podcaster and Shark Tank alum spoke to Axios about her media habits as part of our Screen Time series.

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