DFL Supercup streamed on TikTok in vertical display screen format

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RanSport and OneFootball will broadcast the game between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund at 9:16 a.m.

DFL Supercup streamed in portrait format on TikTok

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  • A separate directing team produced a vertical report with nine cameras
  • DFL tested the 9:16 format for the first time during the Bundesliga game in December 2019
  • Other broadcast innovations introduced at the Supercup include live tracking data and an interactive feed

The DFL Supercup duel between Bundesliga club Bayern Munich and DFB Cup winner Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday evening was streamed in vertical 9:16 format on the TikTok video sharing platform.

Both the German sports broadcaster RanSport and the Brazilian broadcaster OneFootball broadcast the 9:16 broadcast of Bayern’s 3-1 victory against their rivals on their TikTok channels. The British pay TV broadcaster Sky Sports also presented the portrait format in its app.

The German Football League (DFL) used its own directing team for vertical reporting with nine cameras.

The 9:16 format, which is designed for a smartphone screen, was first tested by the DFL in December 2019 at a Bundesliga match between VfL Wolfsburg and Werder Bremen.

“We are very pleased to be part of the DFL’s innovation showcase in partnership with TikTok in Brazil,” said Nikolaus von Doetinchem, Vice President of OTT and Media Rights at OneFootball.

“We look forward to analyzing user feedback and data, which will be a first indicator of the future of this technology in football.”

The format was one of several broadcast innovations introduced for the Supercup, including the DFL’s new player tracking software, a drone camera and an interactive feed that allows viewers to choose what is shown on their screens.

The DFL also allowed selected fans to watch the game, which was broadcast live by a total of 37 cameras, through augmented reality (AR) glasses.

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