Darien’s TikTok mother affords brief cuts for a greater new yr

Something about the new year makes me organize my entire house.

All the best for 2021! I’m very excited to share with you all of my new hacks and DIY ideas for moms this year. One of the resolutions I made for our family this year is to just simplify, get back to basics and try to make the daily routines more efficient!

One of our all time favorite hacks that completely changed my life as a parent is our “self-service fridge”.

If your kids are anything like mine, they keep asking for snacks!

“Mom, can I have more?” Law?

Why not prepare healthy snacks in advance and bring them within your child’s reach? It will make your life so easy!

The door of our fridge is now full of pre-cut vegetables, fruits, cheese, yogurt, etc. I put them in plastic containers – actually the containers that cucumber came in were used – and pre-cut for the week. Now my kids can go into the fridge and choose the snacks they want for themselves.

They love independence and I love the break too. Another benefit is that I know they are eating healthy snacks. It has actually become a “self-service refrigerator” for my husband and me.

It is so easy to ingest and eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

Another goal I have this year is to help my children become more independent. Making things in our home more accessible to them so they can make their own independent decisions and be self sufficient. It also helps mom have more time.

What are your goals for 2021?

I firmly believe that small changes every day have a big impact on our overall happiness. Let’s do this together!

Shannon Doherty owns Coco and Lala in Darien and Watch Hill, Rhode Island. She studied law and is a broker. You can find Doherty on Tik Tok at tiktok.com/@athomewithshannon.

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