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TikTok has one of the most widely used social media apps in the world, with nearly 700 million active users. People watch different categories of videos including education, sports, entertainment, and many more. There is a major source of income for these social media platforms selling ads as these platforms have a number of big brands that spend millions of dollars promoting their product. After TikTok gained huge popularity around the world, TikTok decided to impose personalized ads on its users. However, if a person is primarily watching videos related to sports, then personalized ads will be served by sports companies.

TikTok made certain changes to its ad policies because, prior to these changes, many users were used to skipping the ads as soon as they appeared on their screen, which wasn’t very desirable for marketers. TikTok has started sending notifications to its users that as of April 15, they will no longer be able to skip the personalized ads on their screen, just like they do on TV and YouTube. You have to see the ads no matter what. TikTok has partnered with the advertisers, but TikTok has also prioritized the interests of its users, as prior to these changes, users were presented with general types of ads, mostly not based on their interests. Now TikTok will collect all the data of the users, what they are doing on this platform and what their interests are. TikTok will automatically change the settings on April 15th. However, users may be given control so that the ads can be better tailored to suit their interests. Third party advertisers will take any data related to your interest and show you ads so you can buy their products.

πŸ‘€ I just got an “Upcoming ad changes” message on my TikTok feed

TLDR will soon be forced to receive personalized ads based on my TikTok activity pic.twitter.com/Zek7Fi8ULc

– Kerry Flynn @ (@kerrymflynn) March 15, 2021
This approach increases the reach of these brands and it is possible that TikTok could get more brands to increase its sales through the sale of advertisements. However, many users may not like these changes as they may be tied to these advertisements. Unfortunately, users can switch the ads back to “General”. You have no option to skip such advertisements. To enable or disable the personalized ads settings, users need to go to the setting on the right at the top of the profile page and tap Privacy under their account settings. Users can now click personalization and data, turn personalization displays on or off. TikTok tries to build a strong connection between the users and the brands, but TikTok will keep users’ privacy safe.

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