Dad and son’s TikTok movies search clicks to to ‘Guess the Riff’ | Native

So he kept doing more and more and since November he has up to 100 segments.

“An Ozzy track got over 7,000 views pretty quickly,” he said, referring to Ozzy Osbourne, the heavy metal singer.

But when he started getting his 15 year old son Max into his “Guess the Riff” segments, the TikTok hits and compliments increased and just kept coming.

The first, “American Woman” from The Guess Who, now has 30,000 views.

They played everything from Pink Floyd’s “Mother” to ZZ Tops “Legs” to Toto’s “Hold the Line” which Max shows on the keyboard.

They finish each riff with “I’ll see you next time” while flashing the rocker hand signal with a big smile.

Though it’s clearly Matt’s project, Max said that with one exception, he enjoys the riffs too.

“It gets a little frustrating when we get 17 exposures,” he said with a grin. “He says, ‘Wait, you came in wrong, wait, you came in wrong.'”

Matt quickly defended the multiple takes.

“I tell him when you play live nobody notices the mistakes, but if you put something on a recording, you can’t let a little flub stay in there,” he said.

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