College warns dad and mom of TikTok challenges

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – The Superintendent of the Champaign School District, Dr. Shelia Boozer, warns parents about new Tik Tok trends.

In an email to parents, Boozer said they need parents’ help to curb violent acts by their children.

The latest TikTok trend is asking students to calmly walk up to a teacher, hit them, and then run away. Make sure they get the whole thing on camera.

“This disrespectful act is a clear violation of the code of conduct for students. Disciplinary action could range from parenting conferences to expulsion, ”Boozer said in the email.

She also shared a list of TikTok monthly school challenges with parents. Including:

September: Devastating school toilets

October: Smack an employee

November: Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school

February: messing up school signs

March: cause chaos in the courtyard or in the cafeteria

May: Grave day

June: Flip off in the front office

Boozer said such behavior will not be tolerated in Champaign school buildings. She said in addition to the consequences of the school, some of them are criminal in nature and could lead to serious, lifelong legal consequences.

“I encourage you to speak to your students about this and the harm these challenges can do,” said Boozer.

She said parents can use Securly to report suspicious behavior or activity. She said the app can be downloaded on cell phones or reports can be generated by calling 833-800-STOP.

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