Child helps mother make lovable, handmade Christmas ornaments on TikTok

If you need a Christmas decorating idea that will include your little bundle of joy, check out this mom’s TikTok video on the topic of DIY tree decorations.

Kansas mom Chloé shared her baby-friendly ornament tutorial on the video-sharing platform last year, and it received 37,200 views.

“You need color [plain wood] Ornaments, glitter, a bag and a child or a pet or yourself, ”Chloé explained in her video.

For handicrafts, Chloé recommends covering the ornaments with splashes of paint before placing them in customized sandwich plastic bags.

“Then just let your child play around with it, smear the paint around,” said Chloé. “Mix everything up.”

When the ornaments are removed from their respective pockets, the edges can be cleaned a “little bit”, according to Chloé. DIY holiday hobbyists can then sprinkle glitter and then add string after the ornament dries.

“Write a little note on the back,” added Chloé. “And there you have it, DIY Christmas decorations.”

Elli makes Christmas decorations with her mother.Courtesy @chloeboboey

Fox News has asked Chloé for a comment.

Chloé continues to share craft ideas and family updates with her husband and daughter Elli. The @ ChloéBoboey account has more than 406,500 TikTok followers.

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