Chiefs fan’s tailgating suggestions go viral on TikTok

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KSNT) – Chiefs fan Rod Herrenbruck has millions of views on TikTok.

“Well, I started following Chiefs games in the 1990s,” Herrenbruck said.

Herrenbruck has been a Chiefs fan all his life, so he picked up a tip.

“I moved to St. Louis, but I still come to all the games,” he said. “This is my 12th game this year.”

His daughter came up with the idea of ​​posting her tailgates on TikTok, showing the food, drinks and tips.

“I’m like, ‘Okay, what the heck [TikTok] exactly?’ So she helped me with that and suddenly we put up the Tiktok flagpole,” said Herrenbruck. “Got 2.5 million views and it was kind of off to the races.”

His video ahead of the Chiefs and Bill AFC division playoff game took over football fans’ TikTok feed.

He has almost 20,000 followers and posts videos in front of every tailgate.

“This week we went for grilled cheese, which Cincinnati is also famous for,” Herrenbruck said. “This [drink] is the Grim Reaper, this is Blue Chair Bay Rum, pineapple juice and fruit punch.”

For the Herrenbruck family, tailgating is family.

“I just do it for fun,” he says. “Trying to help people and, you know, being close behind, no matter what team you’re supporting, it’s all about family and friends. Tailgate open, baby!”

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