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“Hey beast, your twin flame, your soul mate, is coming back to you. Like, comment, follow and share to claim, “you can hear a soothing voice on your TikTok ForYou page.

These tarot videos often have the same premise: a person who claims to read for anyone who uses the app shows tarot cards and gives advice to the public.

I see an advantage in personal tarot measurements, but I don’t see an advantage in those on TikTok.

Tarot cards are divination instruments that, according to Webster’s New World College Dictionary, can be used to give advice or predict the outcome of a situation.

They work by asking a question about a specific situation in someone’s life, which leads to the problem with TikTok tarot readers.

Tarot practice depends on the ability to ask a personal question. TikTok is not personalized.

Giving readings to the general public will only create fear.

A quick search on #tiktoktarot shows an accumulation of 58 million views of videos with this hashtag, according to the TikTok app.

If you look at the general #tarot, according to the TikTok app, there is an accumulation of 6.3 billion views.

Since I wrote this article, I’ve been counting the number of Tarot TikToks I’ve seen. I’m on 170 videos.

It is clear that these videos are popular, but it is unclear whether they are helpful.

Most of the tarot readers on TikTok are new to which is not a problem in itself, but sometimes they misinterpret cards and that is a problem.

Some are professional and use the app to get more clients, but most are just teenage girls playing around for fame and fun.

I wouldn’t trust a beginner tarot to predict my love life and future.

Personally, my TikTok goes through phases where I don’t see a tarot reading for a while, but then every other video is a reading at seemingly random times.

I don’t interact with these either; Maybe I keep seeing them because I don’t scroll right away, but something about the calming nature of the videos keeps me close.

However, I know it is unhealthy for me to see so many of them.

Often times the videos tell me that an ex is coming back in my life or that I’m going to have a rough time soon and I can turn it off.

That makes me very scared. Instead of getting some comedy relief from the app, the predictions just worry me about my day.

Sometimes the readings are incredibly accurate. Oh my god, my ex just liked my Instagram post – they have to come back as the reading says!

It gets a little difficult to think rationally when your brain is clouded with love balloons.

If anything, my ForYou page repeatedly telling me an ex is coming back just gives me false hope.

It’s affirmative bias in action; I affirm my own beliefs by agreeing to these videos.

I am sure this is common to all people who receive these readings. the false hope that maybe you shouldn’t move on anytime soon.

If I’ve learned anything over the past few months, sometimes relationships end for a reason and sticking to messages like TikTok tarot will hurt you in the long run.

Having a tarot reader on TikTok writing general love messages doesn’t mean your relationship will return.

It doesn’t really mean anything. It is the TikTok algorithm that thinks you want to see and hear this.

So keep that in mind the next time a reading pops up on your page for you.

Unless this tarot reading was created specifically for you, it probably wasn’t meant for you.

For accurate readings, reach out to local fortune tellers and support their small business.

Personal, professional reading would give more accurate results than an online video.

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