Cannot Reshare a Publish to Instagram Story? Do that (September 2021)

Instagram recently announced that they were testing a new way to share posts in stories.

They tested in July, August and September 2021. You could continue testing for the rest of the year.


Because some people said they want to see less posts in stories.

Now the big question is:

Can you bring the Share to Story button back if it’s gone?

Not at the moment.

There is no “fix” or “solution” to bringing the re-share button back under a post.

Will the Reshare to Story button ever come back?

Instagram is currently testing.

They are testing the removal of the Share to Story button on random accounts. That is, they randomly select accounts to remove the Share to Story option.

If you’re lucky, you might still be. If not, it may have temporarily disappeared.

If the test shows that story sharing was useful, you will bring it back.

If the test shows it’s better not to share posts for stories: You may be removing the option for all accounts.

So we have to wait and see.

So how can you re-share a post on your Instagram story?

Instagram has created a new Insta Story sticker.

This sticker is known as a “Reshare” sticker.

Here’s how it works.

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