Cambridge resident makes waves with viral TikTok COVID-19 pandemic comedy sketches

After almost a year, the pandemic seems to have reached many of us at this point.

In a series of videos that have caught on on the internet, social media marketer and Cambridge-based Mikael Melo undoubtedly found some consensus on the lack of clarity regarding the lockdown and state of emergency news in Ontario goes.

One of Melos’ TikTok videos poking fun at the state of emergency in the government has been viewed more than a million times and has 37,000 shares as of Jan. 20.

“The response to that has been wonderful,” he said. “I’ve just had so many people saying to me, ‘I really needed that laugh today’ or ‘Thank you very much’ or like, ‘It really only lifted my spirits during these difficult times.'”

In the sketch in question, he plays a fictional government spokesman who still has to go to work despite the government mandate.

“We just had the feeling that ‘Lockdown’ didn’t really reach our target group. So the state of emergency is just our revision,” he explains to a confused caller.

“However, we are essentially the same experience,” he explains.

If the official message seems a bit vague, it says, “We want customers to choose their own pandemic experience,” the operator adds.

When making the video, Melo thought some friends would see it and “didn’t think about it much”. But the reaction hit (literally) when a few friends turned into a million views in a matter of days.

Melo “really realized” the video had gone viral when friends organically notified him of the video.

“They said, ‘Hey man, how my mom’s friend posted this on her Facebook,’ or ‘Hey man, I’m in North Bay right now and the local flower shop just posted your video on her Instagram. ‘It was like, wow, like it was really making it all over Ontario. ”

Melo believes the reason the video is so popular is that the rules for ordering at home still feel “loose” for many people. As someone with marketing experience, moving from the March lockdown to today’s state of emergency “just feels like rebranding,” he noted.

Melo added that he has more videos that he would like to keep posting once TikTok lifts its temporary ban.

“They thought I was spamming, but I just tried to reply to all of the comments and thank them for supporting the video.”

Melo, who has been making short TikTok videos since March, said he was always someone who “made a joke or two during difficult times”.

“I really enjoy making people smile,” he added.



The viewers were delighted with his follow-up video as “operator”, which attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

“In dark times we just have to find ease and humor,” said Melo. “And that’s why I started making these videos.”

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