Bringing your model to life on TikTok: the inventive course of breakdown

Second in a two-part series, Tay Guan Hin, Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Singapore, and Naomi Lam, Associate Planning Director, provide advice on how to get started with the creative process on TikTok.

Trends and consumer participation are two key factors for a successful campaign on TikTok. Because of this, brands and agencies need to move from the traditional and lengthy creative and production process to a more agile and consumer-centric approach.

While different marketers and creatives take different approaches to TikTok ideas, we’ve found that the TikTok creative process essentially contains four key components.

# 1 Find out what is exciting your audience

TikTok connects brands with their audiences through their shared passions.

Before finding a shared passion between your brand and your audience, you need to find your brand’s tribe on TikTok and understand their interests and codes.

Do some homework to understand what the tribe likes about your brand and how they express it – sometimes what makes them love your brand is very different from what your brand’s traditional communications have preached.

Another important factor is cultural events, which have an impact on what your consumers are passionate about during the event. For example, many thrill seekers missed the excitement of outdoor adventures during the Philippines lockdown last year. To help its consumers find exciting things to do again, Mountain Dew partnered with BBDO Guerrero and launched #DewThrillTokChallenge to encourage these thrill seekers to find adventure at home with a little help from the TikTok green screen effect.

Check out the TikTok Creator adventures junnie.boy and user happypill365 had!

# 2 Find out what your brand is passionate about

Before engaging in your audience’s passion points, it is important to check within ourselves that this aligns with the brand’s passion. While brands are often exempt from strict company policies for TikTok, it’s important that brands speak in a way that is authentic to the brand we know.

For example, Chipotle has been communicating its obsession with the freshness of ingredients for years. When the festival kicked off one of their main ingredients – the avocado – it’s hard not to celebrate with their huge Chipotle Guac fan base!

To celebrate National Avocado Day, Chipotle invited Dr. Jean, the author of the viral ‘Banana Dance’ song, to convert the song into ‘The Guacamole Song’ and invite all Guac fans of Chipotle to join in and celebrate his own Chipotle Guac with their own dance moves.

This campaign received more than 250,000 user contributions and 430 million views in just six days of its launch. More importantly, the chain’s avocado consumption increased 68% on National Avocado Day, July 31st.

Check out the original Guac Dance TikTok made by Chipotle and Dr. Jean and the Guac dance from TikTok Creator brentrivera

# 3 Identify the right TikTok trend to ride on

Next, we need to find the right TikTok execution to bring the idea to life. One of the best ways to do this is to use TikTok Trends.

Driving on TikTok Trends can increase the chances of your content showing up in the What’s Trending section of TikTokers accounts and help your campaign create millions of new TikToks every day.

A good example of this is Mucinex’s Halloween campaign. To promote its new cold and flu solution during the Halloween season, Mucinex started the TikTok challenge ‘#TooSickToBeSick’. Mucinex took advantage of the popular “TikTok Transformation” trend and worked with TikTok Creators to show how Mucinex’s new NightShift solution can transform them from feeling sick and zombie-like to their most glamorous and creative Halloween makeover.

The campaign has successfully helped Mucinex break the sea of ​​Halloween branded content, generating more than 900 million views in total.

Check out a compilation of the original TikTok transformation trend Here. And the #ToSickToBeSick transformation from TikTok Creators Jaydencroes and nicktangorra:

# 4 Add a creative twist to make it possessable

The final, but possibly most important, step is to give the TikTok trend you identified your own custom in order to make the TikTok campaign possessable and unique to your brand.

One of the most obvious options is to leverage your brand’s visuals, colors, unique campaign hashtag, and more. In this Mercedes-Benz campaign, they used their most valuable and recognizable brand element – the MB logo. The luxury brand launched #MBStarChallenge and encouraged TikTokers to rethink their world-famous logo in their own way.

Another effective approach to giving TikTok that unique touch of your brand is to invest in original music.

Music is a big part of TikTok content. Not only can a catchy and unique piece of music increase the likelihood of your content going viral, it can also help maintain consistency in your branding when TikToker creates new content with your music.

For this reason, Elf Cosmetics invested in the commissioning of a song called “Eyes Lips Face” (the origin of the acronym for the brand name). Eleven then has partnered with a team of TikTok developers, both men and women, to invite TikTokers to join the #EyesLipsFace challenge and reveal their eyes, lips and face makeup for the tune of the song.

The campaign became one of the most successful TikTok branded campaigns – the catchy song organically added many celebrities and totaled more than 5 billion views, demonstrating the power of music on TikTok.

See how Jessica Alba and Ellen Degeneres have joined the #EyesLipsFace trend!

This sums up our two-part series. If your brand is exploring the potential of TikTok and needs advice, please contact your local BBDO representative. We love to help you bring your brand to life on TikTok!

Tay Guan Hin is CCO of BBDO Singapore and Naomi Lam is Associate Planning Director of BBDO Singapore.

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