Brad Mondo is a celeb hairstylist who’s going viral on TikTok

Brad Mondo is not someone who wants to fit in.

The hairdresser and business owner welcomes the bright, bold and colorful – in relation to hair and people – and the basis of his videos is to enable the average consumer to be educated about hair.

“I don’t mind when people do their own hair, it’s not always about them going to a professional,” he told In The Know. “The point is that they have the tools to get it right themselves when they want to.”

Mondo is instantly present on TikTok and YouTube and makes everything that has to do with hair appear accessible. His big break came from watching a YouTube video reacting to hairstyling failures at home.

That became a natural transition to start more educational hair tutorial videos.

“I think my content will resonate with my viewers because it makes them feel like their best friend,” he said. “I want to create a personal connection with everyone.”

Mondo’s focus on connecting and caring for each of its fans led to the launch of XMONDO, its own hair care brand.

“I wanted a brand that felt more like me,” said Mondo. “All I could see was white women with beautiful hair in all of these ads, and I wanted to see diversity and people more like me and cool and punk.”

This also pays off for Mondo’s fans. He said he keeps getting messages from people saying that he inspired them to run a hairdresser or to experiment with a new look that helped them feel more confident. That was all he wanted from YouTube and TikTok – to build a community of people who were just as passionate about hair as he was.

“[I’m] They feel separate from something they fit in and can wear what they want, who they want, have their hair however they want, ”he said. “It’s a great achievement of mine and it makes me excited about going to work every day.”

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