Boston Lady’s RomCom Dream Comes True After Viral TikTok – NBC Boston

A young Boston woman is living out her own version of her favorite romantic comedy.

What began as a joke on TikTok that went viral has turned out better than Grace Gagnon could ever have dreamed – she’s in England, swapping homes with a new lifelong friend in a real-life version of The Holiday. “

“It’s a heavenly match,” said Gagnon of Flo, who will soon be traveling to Boston to stay at Gagnon’s apartment.

It all started earlier this month when Gagnon saw the movie and was struck by inspiration. The 25-year-old posted a video of her apartment on the water and asked: “Does anyone in England want to change their holiday destination?”

After garnering millions of views and likes, she told NBC10 Boston that when she accepted the offer she got responses that she decided, “I have to do this.”

She chose Flo, who is 22 years old, and flew to London to meet her.

“I sent Grace a DM and honestly I didn’t expect her to reply. I just thought ‘Why not?’ ”She explained.

Gagnon couldn’t believe it either: “At the moment it actually feels like a dream. I posted the video three weeks ago and suddenly I’m planning a last minute trip to England. Crazy!” she said on the TODAY show.

Soon Flo will be coming to Boston, where she plans to watch a Celtics game and go through a to-do list that Gagnon has prepared.

For anyone wondering if it could have been dangerous, Gagnon said she did a thorough check-up on Flo – deposits were exchanged – to make sure neither destroyed each other’s home.

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