BJP MP Surya explains why management over social media is required?

From Navneet Mishra
New Delhi, February 12: Amid dispute over banning many social accounts for failure to follow government guidelines after being found to have incited the peasant movement, Bharatiya Janata party has demanded control of Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter increased.

The BJP MP and Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha national boss Tejasvi Surya repeated the demand.

Surya is also a member of the Standing Committee on IT Affairs. After the last episode, his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit the headlines on September 3 last year, stating that uncontrolled social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter pose a great threat to democracy and that tough new rules are being enacted for regulation have to. Many party leaders believe the government must take action on the issue Surya raised in his letter.

Indeed, in a letter to Modi dated September 3, 2020, MP from the seat of Bangalore South Lok Sabha, Surya stated the need to amend 3 (2), 3 (4) and 3 (5) of the IT rules 2011. Surya said that according to a number in the country, social media has around 80 crore users. In such a situation, new rules and regulations need to be created for these social media platforms by reviewing the old IT-related rules.

The MP has called for the repeal of old guidelines and the publication of new guidelines in the face of several recent controversies surrounding the social media platforms. He said that social media platforms use the old flexible rules. Things have now changed and new guidelines are needed. The definition of all social media platforms should be clear in the new guidelines.

The Union’s Department of Information and Technology had identified 1,100 Twitter accounts involved in misinformation inciting the peasant movement and instructed them to close them. However, after Twitter closed around 500 Twitter accounts, it refused to crack down on other accounts, stating that not all accounts could be closed at the government’s request. Accounts have been blocked under Indian law. In response to Twitter’s response, Surya said, “Twitter appears to be above Indian law. It decides for itself which laws are to be followed or not. “

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