Berries and Cream TikTok is getting their very own beer

On Friday, October 15th, Shiner unveiled a very flattering roll-out, to the confusion of what is known as the “Berry and Cream TikTok”.

“Beerries & Cream,” the beer, is only available for a limited time, according to a Shiner Instagram post.

The meme, which has caught fire on the TikTok app for the past few months, revolves around a song taken from a crazy 2007 starburst commercial promoting a “berry and cream” flavored candy.

In the video, actor and writer Jack Ferver performs a song and dance about “being a little boy who loves berries and cream”.

You can find the Soundbite as the backdrop for any TikTok video showing people wearing a Lord Farquad of Shrek haircut. Sometimes these videos show a person donning a low ponytail or a pronounced lace shirt collar, or something reminiscent of Victorian England.

In its purest form, a creator literally consumes berries and cream – cottage core style. In its final form, it’s a brand that is figuring out how to capitalize on a viral trend about a month after its virility peak.

However, we cannot deny that the Beerries & Cream beer looks quite refreshing.

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