Ash ‘Magic’ Hodginkson goes viral on TikTok

September 21, 2021

Ash Hodgkinson (above) on the set of RFDS.

Ash Hodgkinson, Diploma of Stage and Screen Performance (2020) landed his first major TV acting role in RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service on Channel 7).

Ash plays Harry Harrod, the son of the main character Dr. Eliza Harrod (Emma Hamilton) arriving from the UK with his mother when she joins the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Ash has been a versatile performer since childhood and an extremely popular magician (Ash Magic) with over six million followers on TikTok.

Ash just published a new book called Real Magic, which has tips, tricks, TikTok and totally good vibes. Book publisher Penguin says the book is “here to turn your frowns on your head with its unique blend of magic, positivity and lifestyle content. Find out how he overcame challenges like anxiety and ADHD to become a world-class stage performer and online sensation. ‘

“My NIDA experience was super sick,” Ash says in the Real Magic Q&A.

“You are at NIDA every day of every week and you learn exactly what you want to study. Mine and all of the people in my cohort are truly connected. Acting and performing and doing creative things all day – it was so much fun! Through the time I’ve spent at NIDA, I’ve made some great friends and got some great opportunities.

“It really strengthened my ability to feel safe in front of a lot of people on stage. It really strengthened my creative and my performative instrument. “

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