Arkansas mother goes viral after Ugly Child Tik Tok Problem

Every mother thinks she has the cutest newborn.

An Arkansas mother jokingly admits that her baby might be just the opposite, and she has caught the attention of people around the world.

Stepson Cole’s mother and daughter Harper, Lucy Baehr, had struggled with miscarriages over the years and had given up the idea of ​​expanding their family.

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“We got a third dog at the end of September 2019 and my excuse was ‘Well, we won’t have any more children’, and then we’ll find out from Reese in February 2020,” said Baehr.

After nine months of waiting, they finally met Reese, their miracle baby. It is a moment that Baehr said she would never forget.

“I’m pretty sure I looked at my husband and thought, ‘is she healthy?’ said Baehr.

Lucy dreamed that her daughter would look just like her, instead she looked anything but looks.

“She just had a really big nose. Even Harper, when she first held it, looked up at me and said, ‘She looks kind of weird, doesn’t she?’ and I thought, ‘um, aren’t you wrong?’ said Baehr.

While many moms may not want to admit it, Lucy adopted her daughter’s unique look and shared it with the rest of the world on Tik Tok.

“This trend started where people said, ‘We thought our newborn was going to be so cute and they weren’t.’ I thought, ‘I’m winning, I’m winning! I win this! ” Baehr laughed.

It’s called “The Ugly Baby Challenge”. Her tik tok exploded overnight. On Thursday it had more than 22 million views, and the number is rising.

“People have commented that she looks like Dobby from Harry Potter and Mr. Bean,” laughed Baehr.

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Baehr said she had some haters.

“People comment like, ‘Oh my god, no mother calls her baby ugly! You are a terrible mother. She will grow up with self-esteem problems, ‘”said Baehr.

She said she just kept it on in hopes of normalizing how babies really look at birth.

“She’s fine! I’ll tell her everything one day. This whole situation will go down in her baby book. She’ll have a great sense of humor,” said Baehr.

She reminds other mothers that not all babies are perfect, and that’s perfectly fine.

“It only took you a minute!” said Baehr.

Baehr said the video is just for fun and she knows her baby isn’t ugly.

However, the video pays off. She said companies are sending Reese toys in exchange for a video.

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