Antitrust advocate Zephyr Teachout launches bid for New York legal professional normal

On Monday, progressive tech critic Zephyr Teachout announced that she would run for New York attorney general in 2022. As a law professor at Fordham University and a researcher on corruption and antitrust law, Teachout could push for stricter penalties in several large technology cartel cases.

Teachout said earlier this year that she would run for the office of attorney general if acting attorney general Letitia James opted for the candidacy. In October, James announced that she would run for the New York Democratic nomination, with the Attorney General’s seat remaining open for the next year.

Speaking at a press conference Monday, Teachout said her priorities as attorney general would include fighting corruption and corporate abuse, as well as defending civil rights.

“I have fought corruption my entire career and will persecute politicians who lie and believe they are above the law,” Teachout said on Monday.

While Teachout’s announcement on Monday focused on political corruption, she has become a prominent advocate of antitrust law to smash tech giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon. In her 2020 book, Teachout discusses various ways that state and state governments might pursue divisions, such as Federal Trade Commission actions and new laws by Congress.

“The big technology companies dominate all aspects of selection”

From her position at Fordham Law, she also conducted significant research into the legal and political nuances of antitrust proceedings. Last year she published Break ‘Em Up: Recovering Our Freedom from Big Ag, Big Tech and Big Money, and outlined the alleged ways in which powerful companies like Facebook maintain their market power and get rid of competitors.

“The big tech companies have mastered all aspects of choice, controlling the markets, picking winners and losers, listening to our conversations and directing purchases,” wrote Teachout in her 2020 book she dictates. “

Under James, the New York attorney general has conducted multiple antitrust proceedings against technology companies. Last December, James (along with 47 other attorneys general) filed a lawsuit against Facebook alleging that the company had an illegal monopoly on the social media market. In July, James filed a second lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of holding an illegal monopoly on the mobile app distribution and payment processing markets with its Play Store.

James’ first antitrust lawsuit against Google was filed last December, accusing the company of manipulating search results.

Teachout has spoken out in favor of such anti-trust measures in the past and has called for additional remedial measures, such as new anti-trust laws, to combat big-tech monopolies.

“Dismantling their power will not be an easy task,” wrote Teachout 2020 of the tech giants. “We can break them open and work to ban their toxic business model.”

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