Antelope Elementary Faculty District investigating Purple Bluff lecturers viral TikTok

RED BLUFF, California. – The Antelope Elementary School District is investigating a statement from a teacher on TikTok, according to a statement from the school district.

Stacy Pearce, a teacher at Berrendo’s Middle School in Red Bluff, posted a video on TikTok that carried what she called a “Yellow Star Protest”.

“Why am I wearing this yellow star on my chest? In Nazi Germany, the Jews had to wear this yellow Star of David on their clothes to identify them, humiliate them and isolate them, what is happening in our school system today is not much different, ”Pearce said in the video.

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The school district said it wants to raise children in a respectful environment for one another, the community and humanity.

“It is unthinkable to trivialize the systematic persecution, torture and murder of 6 million people by comparing them to compulsory vaccination in times of pandemic,” said Jim Webes, the school district’s superintendent, in a public statement. “Appropriating the deep trauma of Jewish history in order to advance a political point of view is insulting and inexcusable – especially in an institution that shapes the minds of our future.”

You can find the school district statement below.

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