Animal advocates acknowledge legislators for pushing animal rights laws

  • By Chen Yun and Kayleigh Madjar / Staff Reporter, with Staff Writer

Nine lawmakers were named outstanding animal welfare lawmakers on Wednesday by a coalition of lawyers for their efforts to improve animal welfare regulations.

Protecting animals takes more than just words and social media posts.

In the last legislature, more lawmakers than ever before proposed laws to protect animals, with 21 proposals on 25 bills coming up for deliberation, Ho said.

Photo: CNA

Candidates for the award, which was presented by the Animal Protection Legislative Campaign Coalition, expressed concern about a range of issues beyond pets and wildlife to include livestock, lab technicians, animal performers and more, he said.

Ho urged lawmakers to continue correcting discrepancies between different levels of regulation and harmful standards for different species and to improve enforcement mechanisms.

The coalition recognized the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislators Chen Ting-fei (陳 亭 妃), Lo Chih-cheng (羅致政) and Su Chiao-hui (蘇巧慧), as well as the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislator Hung Meng-kai (洪孟楷). for their proposal to amend the Veterinary Act (獸醫 師法) to promote a system for veterinary assistants that passed a third reading.

Chen was also commended for introducing a Food and Agriculture Education Act and enabling an emergency medication system for pets.

The coalition also highlighted Hung for his concerns about disease prevention in animals at Cingjing Farm in Nantou County (清境 農場), while Lo wrote a total ban on animal traps in the Animal Welfare Act (動物 保護 法).

New Power Party Chair Chen Jiau-hua (陳 椒 華) received the award for a number of actions, including her support for the constitutional incorporation of animal welfare and directing the Office of Animal and Phytosanitary Inspection and Quarantine of the Agriculture Council, basic veterinary training for laboratory technicians and animal welfare concern at Tainan’s Wanpi World Safari Zoo and Xpark in Taoyuan.

KMT lawmaker Lin Yi-hua (林奕華) also advocated the incorporation of the right to life for plants and animals into the constitution, while pushing for an investigation into the death of water buffalo in Yangmingshan (陽明山) and working on its repeal of bans on keeping pets in apartment buildings.

In addition to its work to promote constitutional reform and the welfare of farm animals, laboratory animals and marine animals, DPP legislature Tsai Shih-ying (蔡 適應) has paid particular attention to a ban on keeping pets in multi-purpose military homes, for which it received the Life Award.

Involved in the movement to enshrine animal rights in the constitution is DPP lawmaker Hung Sun-han (洪申翰), who received a commendation for proposing an amendment to promote technological alternatives to animal testing.

DPP lawmaker Yang Yao (楊 曜) was recognized for proposing an amendment to the Animal Welfare Act that requires regular disclosure of information about controls on animal breeders and sellers.

The coalition was founded in February last year by members of animal rights organizations to promote animal rights with the Legislative Yuan.

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