‘Am I The Motive Folks At all times Go away?’


  • Mama June shared a cryptic post about being destined to be alone on TikTok. to be
  • Fans tried to cheer her up by saying that she is beautiful inside and out
  • The reality star made it clear that her post had nothing to do with a man being associated with her

Mama June Shannon apparently opened up about her struggles to maintain relationships in a new post on social media.

The 42-year-old reality star went to TikTok on Sunday to share a clip showing various images of her smiles while a sad narrative plays in the background.

“Is it me? Am I the reason why people keep leaving? Am I the reason all of these things keep happening to me? Am I meant to be alone? ”Said the voice.

Several of her followers were quick to respond to her post, asking if she needed someone to talk to because she seemed to be going through a rough time. Others decided to cheer her up by showing her how beautiful she is.

“Hey, if you need to talk, please don’t pass judgment,” one wrote.

“You are beautiful inside and out. You just haven’t found the right person. Someone true who loves you for you. Not what you can give them,” commented another.

Others assumed that their cryptic post had something to do with their relationship with TikTok influencer Donnie Hobbs, who has nearly 169,000 followers and 1.5 million likes on the platform.

Mama June and Hobbs have been working on their # 50weeks50states collaboration for several weeks to spread positivity in the country. However, Donnie apparently decided to quit for personal reasons.

When some fans started talking about Donnie leaving their project together possibly due to a burgeoning romance with someone else, Mama June decided to break her silence on the subject in another TikTok video.

In one clip she shared with an overlay text that read: “[Here’s] the news of the day, ”Mama June yelled at people who believed she was hurt because Hobbs allegedly left her for another woman.

“Hi guys! What’s going on? I’m coming here publicly because I get messages on Instagram and Donnie Hobbs has hell on his side. As a best friend who never had a romantic relationship with him, he didn’t leave me because of Erika.” Said Mama June.

She went on to know about Erika and Donnie and their relationship. The We-TV star then claimed that she wished them both the best of luck.

Mama June made it clear that her previous posts had nothing to do with Hobbs. She insisted that she do it because she was hurt by a “personal situation, not Donnie Hobbs”.

Honey Boo Boo’s mom stated that she’s still ready to do # 50weeks50states with Hobbs, but it’s up to the latter if he wants to continue their collaboration.

At the end of her post, mom told June that she’s still passionate about whether Donnie is going to work with her or not. Her final words prompted everyone to stop following Hobbs because she still considers him her best friend.

Mama June has been linked to several men recently after it was confirmed that she and Geno Doak had given up. She was previously connected to another TikTok influencer named Jordan McCollum, who is 18 years her junior.

However, Mama June quickly nipped the problem in the bud when rumors surfaced that she is dating McCollum. She went on social media to make it clear that the much younger man was just a friend.

Prior to McCollum, the Mama June: From Not To Hot star was linked to another aspiring TikTok star named Jay. Unlike the other two, Jay openly admitted that Mama June was his celebrity crush. He also revealed on a livestream that they had dinner and kissed together, but nothing happened after that.
Pictured: Honey Boo Boo, Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak attend Bossip’s 2nd Annual Best Dressed List on July 31, 2018 on the avenue in Los Angeles. Photo: Getty Images / Robin L. Marshall

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