Allegations In opposition to ‘TikTok Doc’ Mount After Lawsuit Filed

Known on social media, the doctor is charged with sexual misconduct.

Jason Campbell, MD, known to some as TikTok Doc, has been on administrative leave from the University of Florida Teaching Hospital following sexual assault charges and an investigation by former employer Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). Both Campbell and OHSU are facing an employee sexual assault lawsuit and charges. Campbell is specifically charged with “physically assaulting the applicant identified as a social worker,” “sending sexual text and pictures to her cell phone, and posting sexually charged social media messages” while at the VA Medical Center in Portland.

The doctor is also accused of having “retaliated against the plaintiff and failing to meet the requirements of Title IX in dealing with reported sexual assaults”. The lawsuit alleges that OHSU, a teaching hospital that places medical residents with the VA, “has downplayed sexual assault in the past; Sexual misconduct is allowed in his environment. “Charges against both parties include sexual assault, battery, severe emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

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The plaintiff is alleged to have conducted Campbell’s behavior towards Dr. Esther Choo, MPH, an OHSU professor of emergency medicine and a founding member of TIME’S UP Healthcare, a nonprofit fighting sexual misconduct in the workplace, have disclosed and yet said Choo did nothing to report the misconduct.

Campbell reportedly wrote a picture of his erect penis to the plaintiff. He later stepped behind her and pressed his erect penis against her bum. The plaintiff wrote to him after the incident: “NEVER surprise me by entering my physical space,” to which he replied, “I should have asked. I’m sorry. ‘ The doctor then suggested he hug her.

The plaintiff filed a report with her manager on April 9, 2020 exchanging inappropriate messages. Campbell reported to residence director Emily Baird, MD that he “fell into a woman” and that Baird, a commissioned reporter, “took no action against Dr. Campbell’s confession”.

Investigations against the TikTok Doc, reported on August 17, 2020, revealed that Campbell “violated his policies and code of conduct by repeatedly sending the plaintiff electronic messages of a sexual nature, including and not limited to a picture of his erection … and his approaching applicant from the back of her office at VA Medical Center and pressing his front against her back without express or tacit consent. “

In response to the lawsuit, the OHSU filed a statement saying, “The OHSU will not condone the conduct described in the lawsuit. We are continuously working to evolve our culture, guidelines and practices to create an environment in which all learners, staff, patients and visitors feel safe and welcome. We take seriously our role of being part of the change that must take place in our country in order to end the discrimination and power dynamics that allow harassment. “

The plaintiff is seeking legal action by the jury, $ 4.5 million from Campbell and OHSU, and $ 40.5 million in punitive damages from Campbell. Since filing, three more women have raised allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior, including the doctor sending them “unwanted, sexually explicit text messages, pornographic photos and sexually charged social media messages”.


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