Album Cowl Problem On TikTok

This particular challenge has attracted many professional content creators due to its artistic nature.

Posted on Feb 18, 2021 at 4:59 pm ET

Can a photo be turned into an album cover? The latest trend from TikTok is meant to prove just that. Following the Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West mashup, users were tasked with finding random photos or videos in their camera roll and editing them to look like album art.

Some people use photos of friends, strangers, and even the stars from hit TV shows and movies (it turns out that the kids from Strangers Things also act as the faces of potential R&B and hip-hop classics).

Ever since Michael Brosnan’s Beat-Drop remix was released, it has become the anthem of that challenge. Brosnan’s work is now the setting for moments that are worth an album cover.

The trend has picked up worldwide, and accounts that went viral are even posting YouTube tutorials and embroidered TikToks explaining how anyone can make their own. Users edit their photos and videos on VSCO, PicsArt or Instagram before sharing the final product on TikTok.

Demas Rusli, a photographer from Sydney, Australia, released his first album cover challenge on February 6th. Rusli’s most popular addition to this challenge has received nearly 8 million views. For this viral TikTok, Rusli used footage from a trip to Japan to stand out.

“I have a lot of random video content from my past trips so I thought I would try this challenge myself. I like to take part in new internet trends and challenges, but only if it corresponds to my usual content style, ”said Rusli. This particular challenge has drawn many professional content creators because of its artistic nature.

“I am a photographer and a designer. When I take part in an internet challenge, I always try to integrate my photography into it and at the same time to show my personality, ”said Rusli.

Long-term influencers have also picked up on this unique trend at TikTok. Sara Sheehan, an avid social media user and web presence, also shared an album cover challenge with her page. Your video has over 3 million views and has really improved their platform.

“I was so excited because I remember making it around 11pm and that’s usually not the time people are on TikTok, but I was excited to post it and I couldn’t wait until the next day, “said Sheehan.

Sheehan’s TikTok is mostly made up of dance trends she does with her friends. When she first saw the challenge, she immediately wanted to try it out, mostly because it wasn’t that popular at the time.

Like many challenges at TikTok, the album cover challenge has generated entertaining responses and responses. User Kofie Yeboah started these challenges with a voice-over titled “Would I listen to your album based on the cover?” The comments on these challenges also discuss which of their favorite artists the albums seem to belong to.

As the challenge continues to grow, influencers and regular users employ their own ideas. Rusli loves to use such challenges to his advantage and believes that everyone can do it too.

“The best advice I can give is to always be true to yourself and create content that suits your own style and artwork. Find ways to partake in trends and make them your own. Try to come up with your own ideas that will make your videos unique compared to others. “

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