Air Fryer ‘Pasta Chips’ Go Viral

  • A new way of cooking pasta so that it crisps up like a chip for a light snack is going viral on TikTok.
  • The fast growing #pastachips tag has over 300 million views on TikTok.
  • This comes after feta pasta recipes took over TikTok earlier this year.
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Pasta has taken over TikTok once again as a new recipe the TikToker behind the feta pasta trend has gone viral. Feta noodles originally grew in popularity this February. TikTokers were so intrigued by the simple recipe – which involved mixing noodles with roasted cherry tomatoes and feta cheese – that stores in the US saw a national shortage of feta cheese. Today the #fetapasta tag on TikTok has 1 billion views.

Five months after her feta pasta video caused the recipe to go viral, popular food TikToker @feelgoodfoodie made waves again when she showed her 1.2 million followers how she makes pasta chips in a hot air fryer .

Pasta chips are flavored pasta shapes that become crispy so that they can be eaten as a snack, sometimes with a dip. Since the end of June, the recipe has become so popular that the #pastachips tag has garnered over 250 million views on TikTok and hundreds of users are sharing their own variations of the recipe.

Pasta chips grew in popularity on the app after Yumna Jawad, the person behind the @feelgoodfoodie TikTok account, posted a video showing viewers how to make them. She suggests that users mix their cooked pasta with parmesan cheese and olive oil before cooking it in a hot air fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.

Feta cheese reappeared in her iteration of the recipe when she served her pasta chips with a mixed dip of feta and Greek yogurt. Since the TikTok was released on June 30th, it has been viewed over 19 million times.

Although some TikTokers used the air fryer method to make their own pasta chips, others also made the dish using a regular oven. Ayeh Far, who runs the popular TikTok account @cookingwithayeh, suggests spreading cooked noodles on an oven tray before baking the noodle pans for 17-20 minutes.

In this version of the recipe, she mixes the pasta with olive oil, paprika, garlic powder, and yeast until it is “golden” before baking.

Other TikToker have been creative with the flavors and styles of their own pasta chips. Some examples of pasta chips created by TikTok users are “Desi-Style,” inspired by Indian cuisine, and Buffalo flavor.

A number of TikTok users have also adapted the recipe to make pesto pasta chips by mixing a spoonful of pesto with olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper before deep-frying.

With everyone spending more time indoors during the pandemic, FoodTok has been the focus of several TikTok trends over the past year. Past recipes and foods that have gone viral include mini pancakes, homemade crunchy granola, and vegan bacon.

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