AG Tong calls for solutions after East Haven baby is badly burned whereas performing TikTok problem

12/29/2021, 10:27 PMUpdated 5m ago

Through: News 12 employees

A child in East Haven was badly burned while trying to mimic a TikTok experiment that ignited a bottle of alcohol, firefighters say.

The incident occurred Tuesday night at a house in East Haven.

Fire officials say the child was burned while emulating the latest social media challenge called “The Whoosh Bottle Experiment”.

Officials say the experiment involves the use of alcohol and a bottle that is ignited to create a “washing” sound.

The child is being treated at Bridgeport Hospital Burn Center after being transferred from Yale Children’s Hospital.

Fire chief Matt Marcorelli reminds the public that fire is not a toy. “This could easily have resulted in a death and a major fire in the house,” said Marcorelli.

Speaking on his Facebook page, Attorney General William Tong said his office had reached out to TikTok and asked for answers as to why the “Whoosh Bottle Experiment” was not removed from the platform.

“We have received assurances from TikTok executives in the past that they have systems in place to remove this malicious content. A Connecticut child is now seriously injured because of the dangerous content on their platform, “Tong said.

Tong says his office expects to meet with TikTok executives, parents and educators from Connecticut early next year to urge them to “step up and better protect our children.”

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