After Getting Bored of Making Viral Prank Movies, This Mexican American TikTok Star Raised Almost 100 Thousand For Avenue Distributors ~ L.A. TACO

J.How many prank or meme-based videos can you process before you start asking the more serious questions in life?

This is the question that took 24-year-old Jesus Morales down a very different path from the average TikTok influencer, fueled by generosity and empathy for street vendors. He was born in Aurora, Illinois to parents originally from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. He moved to the west coast to attend school and get a degree in business. He attended school while regularly holding 9 to 5 obs in a gym. Satisfied with climbing the corporate ladder, he continued with his daily routine. When his workplace closed, he was taken on vacation and had no idea what to do with his free time.

At first it was all fun and games and made stupid TikToks. “After some of his prank videos went viral, his account gained a loyal following. “I started creating content at the beginning of the quarantine, gained over a few thousand followers within a few months, and lost interest in the content I was creating … funny, face masks … it was almost forced.”

When his interest in generic content waned, he noticed some clips of people helping and making a difference. “I thought it was so cool that someone could use their platform for a bigger cause, and I wanted to do the same …” He started a plan and posted a video asking for donations for a new cause. Initially, he wanted to focus on small businesses and service workers and received small donations from his community. Things quickly changed when he received his largest donation of $ 100, in which a supporter asked him to use that money to feed the homeless. “So I made a TikTok and posted the video without thinking about it, but the video was actually blown up and received over 3 million views.”

@juixxeWhen he said “pa la renta” 🥺 ## juixxe ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

From then on, its reach began to grow as a loyal community formed around its account and content. He continued to feed the homeless, donate clothes, and set up some of those he met in hotels for a few nights at a time.

To build on his goodwill-based content, he decided to switch to street vendors when he met his local street vendor and donated $ 100 in a tip. “… He literally knelt down and thanked me and God. I remembered after that moment. I just knew that was what I wanted to do. We help these street vendors because they work so hard and are so humble and just grateful. ”

Jesus Morales.

That one video led him on his way to donate and donate up to $ 90,000 directly to the street vending community in Southern California.

The number is impressive, but what is even more amazing is his dedication to his cause, which is now a weekly routine. Make a couple of trips each week from San Diego to Los Angeles and sometimes as far as Oakland. “To be honest, I am incredibly grateful and I am so blessed to have this community of supporters and followers.” When asked what he thinks of his followers, he praises and describes them as the real heroes in this story, from those who donate as little as 50 cents to those who donate up to thousands. “These people are really the ones who make a difference and allow it to happen. Not a day goes by that I do not thank God for everything that could happen through this platform and through my followers, my supporters and the community we have built. “

@juixxeEr thought I was kidding 🥺 ## juixxe

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When asked what is the most memorable video he’s made to date, he goes back to a specific donation that was really well received. “We ran into this woman and she was selling tamales at a Walmart. She had her little boy there and it just hit me a little bit. ”

As a father himself, he wants to make sure that donations that involve children make a bigger difference. In the video Jesus is referring to, the street vendor hesitates to accept the large donation. At first in disbelief and then refusing to reach for the huge wad of money. With her son by her side and his requests in his young voice “Agarra a’ma …”, she happily undertakes and thanks Jesus endlessly.

When you talk to Jesus you may feel that he has found his true calling in life. With an upcoming trip to South America in June to build houses for this local church and his commitment to helping street vendors, Jesus is well on his way to making a difference using his TikTok account and 1 million followers.


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