Advert of the Day: Chevrolet drums up TikTok demand with a musical steering wheel

Chevrolet made a loud appearance on TikTok, courtesy of drummer Carlinhos Brown and a musical steering wheel.

Commonwealth / McCann created the special navigation device and started a musical challenge on TikTok with Dentsus Isobar to make the automaker visible to a young audience and to strengthen its presence on social media.

This ad with the charismatic drummer aims to get viewers to see what beats they can play out on their steering wheel. The wheel was created by BizSys, with coordination, technical project and scope of the technology area from WMcCann.

Hermann Mahnke, Marketing Executive Director of GM South America, said: “The field of music and technology is part of Chevrolet and we have combined both to debut on this social network that is a sensation in Brazil.”

Anyone can try to beat the drummer in the #BatuqueChallenge. Creators of the influencer agency TikTok G3A, including Thalita Meneghim, Giulia Be, Supla, Paloma Souza, Pkllipe, Bia Napolitano, Rodrigo Rossi and Fael Gomes, take on the profile of Chevrolet for six days to get some momentum in the development.

It will also run on Instagram Reels.

Vote for it in The Drum’s creative works below.

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