Adele’s Water Below The Bridge Conjures up TikTok Development After She Stated She Did not Need To Make Music For The App

Adele accidentally inspired an unlikely new TikTok dance challenge after recently saying she was not interested in making music for users of the app.

When we finished the mix [of the album] and all of that, the conversation about TikTok got a lot on, right? So I’m like ‘Tik-a-Tok-a-who?’ ”She joked.

“They said we really need to make sure these 14 year olds know who you are and I said, ‘But they all have mothers!’ They all have mothers and they definitely grew up with my music, these 14 year olds and all. “

Adele added, “If everyone is making music for TikTok, who will be making music for my generation? Who does the music for my colleagues? I enjoy doing this job.

“I’d rather go into people who are on my level in terms of the time we’ve spent on earth and all the things we’ve been through.”

As it turns out, however, Adele has the toughest of starting a TikTok trend without trying.

Last week a tweet paired Megan Thee Stallions dance at the American Music Awards with the Adele ballad Water Under The Bridge.

Since then, TikTok users have taken it upon themselves to recreate the clip – complete with Megan’s exact body choreography – with completely ridiculous results …

In all honesty, there are “collaborations we never knew we needed in our lives,” and then there is this …

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