A TikTok pattern is inflicting college students to wreck and steal faculty property nationwide | KSNF/KODE

JOPLIN, Mon. – A virtual trend is leaving its mark on schools in the four states.

It is theft or vandalism in the school.

And this trend affects several schools in the region.

“I would say that all school districts are likely to experience this to some extent,” said Dave Pettit, Joplin Schools Facilities.

It’s a TikTok challenge that asks students to record how they picked up or damaged something on campus.

“Discussions I had when speaking with other school districts ranged from toilet paper dispensers to actual toilet theft which I heard one case, toilet partition doors, you know, everything they pretty much thought they were can easily be removed, ”said Pettit.

Joplin High School has had limited impact, with about a dozen bathroom soap dispensers being taken or damaged.

There are also minor damage reports at Webb City, Carl Junction, Carthage, Neosho, McDonald County, Pittsburg – the list goes on and on.

Toilets are generally the target, and schools are investigating cases where they can identify the perpetrator.

Joplin’s principals also encourage families to be proactive.

“The best parents can do is talk to their students. Talk about social media in general, but also about how it affects your relationship with your community at school, ”Pettit said.

TikTok is also fighting the spread of the challenge known as “sneaky leaks”.

You will remove all videos associated with that hashtag.

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