5 TikTok Magnificence Hacks That Really Work

Not only is TikTok the source of your lunch drag, it is also home to a variety of beauty tips and tricks. While some of the platform’s most popular beauty hacks are tricky for the sake of virality, others are actually incredibly useful – and could fundamentally change your routine. However, given the size of the video sharing app, it can be difficult to figure out which is which.

While there is certainly no “right” or “wrong” way to do your makeup, there are certain techniques that can help you achieve the look you want – techniques that are effective, but may not be the traditional way , Things to do. You may never have thought about putting soap on your eyebrows or applying your mascara upside down – and why should you? That is where the beauty of the internet lies; Apps like TikTok allow viewers and developers to share the helpful hacks they have found with an audience they would otherwise likely never have come together with.

Discover below the top five TikTok beauty hacks that actually worked for people – both on the app and in real life.

Get pink lips with red lipstick

Looking for a perfectly subtle lip color? This simple lipstick hack shared by TikTok user @glamzilla couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is apply a little of your favorite red lipstick to the center of your lips and then blend it with your finger. The result is an instant stain effect that looks so natural and effortless (because it is).

Soap brow

This technique is literally what it sounds like; Soap is applied to the eyebrows to create a laminated effect. It seems too good to be true, but it’s actually a foolproof way to get brows in place – and besides, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a brow gel. Simply dampen a spoolie brush with water, smear soap (use clear soap), and brush through your eyebrows. You can add a brow pencil if you want to fill in sparse areas or leave it in for a perfectly brushed look.

Reverse mascara application

Mascara clumping is a deeply frustrating and all too common problem. Even with the best of mascara formulas and the nicest of bristles, applying multiple coats can often lead to a lumpy disaster. With the Maybelline Falsies Lash Lift, creator told @mirellabelle how she applies three coats of mascara; It starts with a coat at the very tip of the lashes, then a second from the center of the lashes, then a third one that starts at the root. She adds that not only does this technique help reduce clumping, but it also prevents excess product from weighing your lashes down – which helps them hold their curls longer.

Concealed pimples

Hiding acne can be a challenge; too much coverage and it looks cake-like, too little and the redness comes through. A simple spot covering hack recently went viral on TikTok for its straightforward approach to reporting, and it really works. First, prime your skin with a handy primer such as Milk Makeup Hydro Grip. Then use a smaller brush to apply a full coverage concealer to any areas you might have – in @sydneyskunberg’s video she uses NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer. Let the concealer dry for a minute or two, then apply your foundation on it without blending the concealer first. Voila: an even complexion without a layer on top of a crusty concealer layer.

Face firming blush

Most of us are taught that blush should be applied to the cheeks for a beautiful, rosy glow. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this technique, TikTok users shared a blushing application hack that is a total game changer if you’re looking for a more “snappy” look. By simply applying blush higher on your cheeks (and blending towards your temples), your face will look instantly lifted. Magic.

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