5 Issues to Know About TikTok’s ‘Hype Home’ Star

He’s taking over the TikTok world. Vinnie Hacker became a breakout star after the premiere of Netflix reality show Hype House.

The internet personality, 19, is from Seattle, Washington and is – as a Hype House – star Alex goods described him in the show’s trailer – “a nerd trapped in the body of a hot, sexy summer boy”.

After a brief stint at Sway Gaming House, Hacker made its Hype House debut in January 2021. At the time, the house’s official Instagram account shared a photo of the teen with the caption, “Welcome Vinnie!”

Months later, it was announced that Hacker would be a main cast member of the Hype House series. In August 2020, it was first announced that the TikTok collective was preparing to film its own reality show. Then, in April 2021, members of Hype House shared via social media that the show had been picked up by Netflix.

“I never had a desire to be on social media at all. It took off pretty quickly as soon as I started TikTok,” Hacker explained on the third episode of Hype House. “I blew up on thirst traps.”

The eight-episode series, which premiered earlier this month, introduced viewers to members of TikTok’s largest content house and proved that life online isn’t always as easy as it seems.

Founded by Thomas Petrou, the hype house – which rose to fame in late 2019 – is a revolving door for influencers to join the group to expand their platform. internet stars like charlie and Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae and ChaseHudson (Lil Huddy) and others were all associated with the hype house before retiring from the collective to focus on their burgeoning careers.

The Hype House season finale featured clips from an October 2021 YouTube video uploaded by Petrou, 23, in which he revealed several Hype House members had decided to move out of the mansion they were staying in divide. Hacker, for example, would continue to live in her home in Moorpark, California.

“Everyone in this house is like a brother or sister,” Hacker explained during the Hype House show. “You are among the closest people I can talk to at any time. You are like family to me.”

Hype House is now streaming on Netflix. Keep scrolling for five things to know about cast member Vinnie Hacker:

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