5 epic tea bombs from TikTok which might be whole eye sweet

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Tea has always been one of the most aesthetic drinks on the menu, but there’s a new way to drink tea that’s popping up on the TikTok scene in a big way.

Tea bombs!

Similar to hot chocolate bombs, tea bombs are round balls, usually made of sugar, which, when combined with boiling water, release tea leaves to make a colorful cup of tea! But to really understand the wonder of tea bombs, you have to see them in action. Here are five tea bomb TikToks that will blow your mind.

  1. This blooming, spring-inspired tea bomb

This floral tea bomb is like a garden in your mug! The translucent bowl fills with loose-leaf tea, which gradually “blooms” when the boiling water is poured in. The tea finally blooms almost to the size of the pot and is the epitome of #springgoals.

2. This living “gold tea” bomb

This TikToker used beet sugar to create a golden bowl around their green tea leaves. When the bomb falls in the water, the golden color seeps through the liquid, creating a golden tea that looks way too pretty to drink.

3. That blue tea bomb from Earl Gray

This blue tea bomb feels galactic and the taste is out of this world! When the boiling water is poured, blue and purple flowers separate from the bomb, forming a vibrant blue tea. The tea bomb also contains edible glitter for an added shine.

4th That creamy Thai tea bomb

The story goes on

Cover this Thai style tea bomb with condensed milk before submerging it in a cup of boiling water. The dark ball slowly melts in the water and creates a hearty mix of sweet milk, black tea and spices.

5. That heart-shaped, glittering tea bomb

Perfect for that special tea lover in your life, these heart-shaped bombs are made with sugar, edible glitter, sprinkles, and tea bags. If you haven’t fallen in love with tea bombs yet, these sparkling hearts should do the trick.

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