5 Creators Spill the Style Deets

The spring season is almost in full swing! And while many of us have been cooped up indoors because of the cool weather, it feels good to know that warm temperatures are on the horizon. Finally, you can swap out your wardrobe for stylish spring fashions that make a bold statement.

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With spring set to begin on March 20, 2021, doing an inventory of your wardrobe is not a bad idea. And thanks to TikTok’s spring wardrobe tips, you can get your closet in order. With that in mind, here are five spring wardrobe tips that should be on your radar.

Source: TikTok

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1. TikToker Keri Faye swears by putting on a t-shirt dress with a blazer for spring.

Since spring brings warmer temperatures with it, most people are willing to show skin. However, since the time of year can cause windy weather, it’s always a smart idea to add an extra layer to the mix.

And TikToker Keri Faye agrees. In her video, she explains that t-shirt dresses are a must-have for the season. And she rounds off her look with a chic blazer, stockings, a handbag and boots. It’s super stylish and weatherproof. Plus, it’s a look that works for all shapes and sizes.

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The rest of their page is filled with TikTok’s fashion clues based on the season and special events. So if you need date night fashion advice or hair tips, Keri is your girl.

tiktoker trendycurvySource: TikTok

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2. TrendyCurvy is a fan of loungewear with trendy pieces.

There’s nothing like rocking a fashionable look that suits your comfort. And since sweatpants have become a staple in many of our wardrobes, TrendyCurvy gives us tips on how to put them on a little.

In her TikTok she combines gray sweats with a tank top, a denim jacket, pumps and a matching baseball cap. This allows you to rock a comfy look with just the right touch of femininity. Not to mention, it’s super easy to bring this look together.

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3. Karina Marriott recommends filling your wardrobe with brightly colored power suits this spring.

In case you didn’t know, light and pastel colors go hand in hand with the spring season. And one of the best ways to add these colors to your wardrobe is with a power suit. Power suits are not only a good basic piece of equipment for your work wardrobe, but also practical to give your look a little men’s fashion flair.

tiktoker karina marriottSource: TikTok

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In her TikTok, Karina shows how power suits can update your wardrobe. She shows off three different two-piece suits: pink, orange and yellow picks that easily go with any style.

As for the rest of her content, followers can look forward to Karina sharing tips on putting together winter looks, as well as tips on how to elevate loungewear.

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4. Lindsay Albanese urges followers to cut blazers to make them comfortable to wear.

There’s no denying that blazers are a staple. They’re perfect for layering, keeping you warm, and adding extra shine and texture to your look. And while most people likely have at least one blazer in their wardrobe, many people may not know how to properly wear it.

Lindsay Albanese TiktokSource: TikTok

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And this is where TikToker Lindsay comes in. The style lover sets the record on how to wear a blazer. In her video, she explains that you should always cut the sewn pockets and cut the thread in the back. This way, your outfit will get a razor sharp and polished look.

5. Spring Trend Alert: Lindy Goodson loves adding a patterned scarf to the mix.

Every spring wardrobe should be filled with accessories. From watches and brooches to purses, the right accessory can help you add a touch of individuality to your look. And Lindy especially loves scarves.

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tiktoker lindy goodsonSource: TikTok

In her TikTok, Lindy ties a silk neck scarf and makes a small knot with little tails pulled out. It is paired with pink leather pants, a white linen shirt, jewelry and black Converse sneakers. The result is a sporty yet funky look with just the right touch of glamor.

And if you’re a fan of colorful ensembles, Lindy’s TikTok site is a real treat. She has tons of videos of her styling various outfits, from workout pieces and Valentine’s Day outfit ideas to unpacking trendy fashion pieces.

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