31 Wonderful Instagram & TikTok Put up concepts (for August 2023)

You can use these post ideas for your personal or business account, and for static posts or Reels.

  1. When life gives you lemon… [share what you make]
  2. What I see vs what my camera sees
  3. I don’t know who needs to hear this but ___
  4. Details I never want to forget
  5. Photos I’ve never posted
  6. Photos / videos that make me feel something
  7. How I feel when ___ 
  8. Them: You can’t ____ Me: ____
  9. My day in 9 seconds
  10. One of your goals for August 
  11. What I don’t post on Instagram
  12. What do you want to see more on my account? [Give people 3 options]
  13. Your morning routine
  14. Behind the scenes [of something you do everyday]
  15. What went on in my head before I took this photo / video
  16. ASMR-style Reels
  17. Share comments you can’t stop thinking about [example: comments that made your day, or comments that were super weird]
  18. Something people don’t know about you
  19. One word that describes you 2023 so far
  20. Pinch me moment
  21. A lot can happen in 1 month
  22. A quote that lives rent free in your head
  23. Day in the life 
  24. I love that __ looks like ___
  25. Controversial opinion
  26. Favorites of the month
  27. I filmed my __ everyday for a week to see what happened…
  28. The moment you realised…
  29. Happiness in 5 photos
  30. POV: You decide to ___
  31. August in 10 seconds (Reels)

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