3-5 hashtags on Instagram now? The whole lot you have to know

Instagram recommends the use of “very famous“-Hashtags.

Well-known hashtags are “great“Hashtags that have millions of contributions.

You’ve probably heard before that big hashtags are too “competitive” and that you should avoid them.

We’ve been recommending large hashtags (along with medium and smaller hashtags) for years.

Big Hashtags are extremely useful for 4 reasons:

1. You can still keep up with the rankings “Top” posts Hashtag page, even if you have a small Account with not many likes, comments or followers. If you are a small business this is a great opportunity for you to expand your reach. So always include 1-5 wide hashtags in your hashtag group.

2. Wide hashtags say that Instagram algorithm what your account is about. This allows your content to be shown to relevant people on the Explore page.

3. You can appear higher on that Instagram search page.
Instagram is expanding its new “Search Results” page. People can type anything into the Instagram search bar and see the search results. Search results are based on what your account is about, what you put in your caption, and what hashtags you use. So use wide hashtags and smaller hashtags. Both will be useful for more people to find.

4. You can appear on Instagram’s new map feature.
This is for you if you are a local business or an influencer.
Instagram enables people to search for companies

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