28 February Instagram submit concepts (Captions, Hashtags & Scheduling executed)

As you can see, Sundays are “days off”. Feel free to take a break from the post. Otherwise post whatever you want.

Here is your content plan:

Tuesday 1: Quote for the month

Wednesday 2nd: Talk/show a trend for 2022 in your industry (or in the world in general)

Thursday 3rd: Red flags

Friday 4th: Try a Reels trend (check the @preview.app Instagram account for the latest Reels trends)

Saturday 5th: World Nutella Day – 5 tips for self-care this weekend

Sunday 6: rest

Monday 7: Myth

Tuesday 8th: List

Wednesday 9th: Pizza Day – How to _ (share a tutorial)

Thursday 10th: An idea (outfit, food, hair, make-up)

Friday 11th: Clean up your computer day / before and after (of you doing / creating something)

Saturday 12th: Try a Reels trend

Sunday 13th: Rest

Monday 14th: Valentine’s Day – Love Letter to (your partner, your pet, your clients or your business)

Tuesday 15th: Behind the Scenes (Timelapse or Photo)

Wednesday 16th: Checklist

Thursday 17th: Random Acts of Kindness Day – The nicest thing someone has done to you / or an act of kindness for your followers (help them or thank them for being here)

Friday 18th: Try a Reels trend

Saturday 19: Memories

Sunday 20th: Love Your Pet Day – Calm

Monday 21st: Show a hack

Tuesday 22nd: Answer a frequently asked question you receive

Wednesday 23rd: Show an idea (outfit, food, hair, makeup)

Thursday 24th: How to _

Friday 25th: Try a Reels trend

Saturday 26th: Things to be proud of

Sunday 27th: Rest

Monday February 28th: ​​Recap (Share your favorite photos/creations of the month in a film reel or carousel)

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