15 Instagram Story Hacks – I take advantage of on a regular basis (Really easy!)

Color = your visual signature = your brand.

This hack is for you if you want your stories to match your branded colors.

You may have seen some content creators or brands who always use the same color palette in their stories.

Your background colors can be on the mark. Your text could be your brand color. Your text field could be your branding color.

It looks aesthetic. It looks right. It looks neat.

When you see this color you know it is them.

However, these colors are not the standard colors that Instagram displays at the bottom of the screen. And it would be very difficult to find that exact color every time by long pressing a color.

How do you do that?

Like this:

  • Create an image with your branded colors
  • Save it to your camera roll (bonus: create a special folder on your camera roll and save your color palette image in it for quick use)
  • Open your Instagram story
  • Take a photo or video (or upload one from your camera roll)
  • Press the “Sticker” button at the top of the screen
  • Select the sticker option “Photo”
  • Choose your color palette image (open your special folder to see if you saved it in a folder)
  • The picture will appear on your story screen

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