+100 Instagram Captions for Jewelry Enterprise

“Did you hear the news? ____ “

This 👆 is a heading “Starter”.

This subtitle category is one of our favorites in the app.


Because they attract people’s attention. This will stop them scrolling and keep reading. The longer they stay in your lettering = the better for you / the algorithm.

The key: if your first few words sound interesting or intriguing, keep reading them.

How can you make it sound interesting or fascinating?

With a caption starter.

Think of a caption starter as a “hook”.

Depending on your branding, you can definitely use these subtitle ideas for your jewelry business.

For more examples of subtitle starters, see the preview:

“First of all: let’s address the elephant in the room: ____”


“Do you want to know a secret? ____ ”


“Did you hear the news? ____ “

Complete the sentence with your story. Relate it back to your jewelry or share a personal story as you build a personal brand.

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