+100 Instagram Captions for Hairstylists (Your Shoppers will Love)

You are a hairdresser and therefore offer a service.

If you’re looking to build a deeper relationship with your followers (and therefore potential customers), you’ll love the Service-Based Business subtitle ideas.

These captions position you as experts. And they help your customers.

The more you help them, the more they trust you.

The more you open up to your passion, the more they will appreciate you.

And the more they trust and appreciate you, the more they’ll want to hang out with you in your salon.

How to find captions like:

  • “3 reasons why ____”
  • “The reason I’m so passionate about ____ is because _____”.

These are templates.

They fill in the gaps with your story and / or tips.

The idea is that you use these templates to start your lettering. Then you tell your story in your own words and personality.

Please see the Service-Based Business section for more information.

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