10-year-old lady mind useless after taking problem on TikTok

Doctors in Italy have declared a 10-year-old girl brain dead after allegedly accepting the “Blackout Challenge” for the popular TikTok app, according to ANSA, Italy’s leading intelligence agency.

The girl was admitted to a hospital in Palermo, Italy in cardiac arrest after overcoming the challenge of tying a belt around her neck to suffocate herself.

Doctors said they tried everything they could, but she was brain dead.

According to ANSA, the girl’s parents decided to donate her organs, meaning that she was deprived of life support, although KUTV was unable to confirm this.

The Blackout Challenge and the Pass out Challenge have been in circulation on TikTok for a year, reports the news service. The challenges encourage people to suffocate themselves.

Doctors warn that this is incredibly dangerous and can lead to seizures, brain damage, and death.

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