10 Most Standard TikTok Stars in 2021 So Far, Ranked By Follower Rely

TikTok seemed to become a household name overnight, and millions of users became famous just by uploading a video. The app is home to various challenges, trends, songs, dances, advice sites, and players looking to share their talents with the world.

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With the “Make Your Day” tagline, TikTok gained national attention after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States and caused a nationwide lockdown that gave users the opportunity to become famous at home. While there are a good handful of TikTok stars who are doing well, there are a few who have really changed the meaning of “celebrity” and gained the most followers the app has ever seen.

10 Michael Le: 46.0 million

Michael Lee TikTok Star

Michael, who is known on the platform by his user name justmaiko, has become a TikTok sensation for his dance videos, in which his little brother Jonathan “Mini Mike” can often be seen. He worked with Jason Derulo on the app and performed many of the viral dances that were adopted over the past year.

Michael’s first passion was dance and choreography, which is evident in his many TikTok videos, and he is a member of the TikTok choreographed dance group Shluv Family.

9 Will Smith: 48.9 million

Tik Tok star Will Smith smiles

The well-known actor and hip-hop artist brought his many talents to TikTok. His videos have become entertaining for many users as they reflect his film career and were made as mini-films and episodes with a plot and characters.

Will is still active on YouTube with his many collaborations and skits with his family. Outside of his TikTok fame, he continues to build his acting career by working in upcoming films and occasionally playing songs for other artists in the hip-hop industry.

8th Dixie D’Amelio: 49.6 million

Dixie DAmelio face close-up

Charli’s older sister is the eighth most user and made a name for herself on TikTok. Dixie has made a career outside of the app, particularly in the music industry with her hits “Be Happy” and “One Whole Day”.

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She and her sister also created the Charli and Dixie: 2 Chix podcast discussing hot topics and their lifestyle. Dixie is also known for her relationship with fellow TikTok and Sway House member Noah Beck.

7th Loren Gray: 51.6 million

Loren Gray side profile

The singer and social media personality brought her talents from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles to further pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Some of the songs she has released are “Kick You Out”, “Queen”, “Anti-Everything” with Lost Kings, “Options” and “Cake”.

She has worked with notable artists such as The Chainsmokers and Jason Derulo who have helped her find her place in the world of music influencers. From December Loren launched her jewelry brand “& always” with the Starlet Mirror Edition and the Otherworld Edition.

6th Tik Tok: 51.7 million

TikTok logo

The social media platform is the sixth most popular user. The app has established itself as a short-form video source, including videos on singing, dancing, makeup, and educational topics.

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Although TikTok was launched in 2016, it was released worldwide in 2018 after purchasing the social media app Musical.ly. It was named one of the fastest growing apps in 2020 after Zoom and Peacock. TikTok has expanded the careers of many young users and even revived the status of many older celebrities and celebrities.

5 Spencer Polanco Knight: 51.8 million

Spencer Polaco face close up

The beatboxer and YouTube star, also known as Spencer X, made a name for himself on TikTok with his fast-paced, fluid music clips. He was featured as an influencer to watch out for on many different news outlets over the coming months. He has worked with artists such as Sean Kingston and Alicia Keys in the past.

Before his career on social media began, Spencer was an active musician who was followed by a love of beatboxing. He was also featured on NBC’s The Sing Off as he took part in many of the acapella and hip hop groups that grew up.

4th Zach King: 57.6 million

Zach King smiles

The “social media magician” brought his Vine fame to the TikTok scene in 2016 before the app became a big hit. In 2013 he was the winner of YouTube’s NextUp Creators Contest and in 2015 he and his wife were a competitor in The Amazing Race.

One of his most watched TikTok videos is an optical illusion that showed him on a broomstick that was actually a mirror.

3rd Bella Poarch: 58.6 million

Bella Poarch

The third most popular user is known for her lip-syncing TikToks, which didn’t go viral until August 2020 and are still the most popular video on the platform.

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Bella has gone through a lot of controversy, including her real age, history in the United States Navy, and her legal name. However, her content keeps growing wherever she uploads dance challenges, game videos and singing TikToks.

2 Addison Rae: 77.8 million

Addison Rae looks over her shoulder

The 20-year-old TikTok star is directly behind Charli as the second most frequent user of the app. Addison was born in Louisiana and was a competitive dancer. She studied sports broadcasting at Louisiana State University before dropping out and moving to Los Angeles to pursue her career on social media.

Addison has partnered with American Eagle as an ambassador and has also launched her own line of cosmetics, Item Beauty. She will also begin her acting career, starring in a remake of the 1999 teen film She’s All That.

1 Charli D’Amelio: 109.8 million

Charli DAmelio inclines his head

Born in Connecticut, Norwalker joined TikTok in late 2019 and shortly thereafter became the most visited user in 2020. Originally a competitive dancer, she is known for her viral TikTok trend dances, especially the “Renegade” dance.

Aside from her TikTok career, Charli has devoted herself to other endeavors such as giving her voice to animated films, creating a personalized drink order at Dunkin, and planning to star on a Hulu show with her family.

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