10 Candy Pitbulls To Comply with On TikTok

Pit bulls are considered to be one of the most controversial breeds in American society, as they are widely used as guard dogs and especially attack dogs. Many people don’t realize that it’s not about the breed – nor about Pitties, Dobermans and Rottweilers – but about the treatment, breeding and rearing of the animal and the intentions of their pet owners. Because of their muscular stature and high energy levels, many irresponsible people try to get a dollar off the tough canine aesthetic, breed them, and use them as a platform for entertainment and profit.

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The fact that pit bulls are no more dangerous than the closest Labrador or even Chihuahua when raised responsibly and domestically (like any other animal would). In fact, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, and Border Collies are far more likely to bite strangers than pit bulls. To prove how gentle, cute, and loving this breed is, these legendary TikTok Pitties are here to step on the plate and refute the story that pit bulls are somehow a threat to society.

10 @ Alexswaggzillaa

@Alexswaggzillaa on TikTok

Alexswaggzilla and her “naked dog” Dante went viral after an upload about it, as always when Dante hears the trendy TikTok song “Oh no” by Kreepa, the dog can sing along loudly. even though I slept before.

What follows are relaxed and heartwarming updates on the lives of TikToker and Dante, showing off his many outfits and pajamas, for example.

9 @ Wild saved

This TikTok channel starts their lives with abuse and malnutrition and tracks the lives of two rescue pups, one of whom is a pit bull. The amazing changes they make when they regain their health are uplifting and a reminder of how helpless these animals can be in the face of human society dealing with strays.

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The content of the videos is simple as the dogs are often shown bonding as loving siblings or fooling around with their people.

8th @ Mr.bounce2015

@ Mr.Bounce2015 screenshot of the TikTok account

Bounce the Pitbull, the most notorious ASMR pitbull on the platform, has his own show where he (sometimes) patiently eats a meal in front of a microphone.

Typically lazy and relaxed, Bounce often eats protein-filled meals, including gravy, steaks, and other assorted meats. To hear and watch him anxiously is both gratifying and enchanting.

7th @ Bianca.cf

@ Bianca.cf on Tiktok Screenshot of the account on TikTok

If people describe pit bulls as inherently violent and vicious, this is the dog to show them off. Spike is the most harmless animal that has ever run. He has a strange habit of wearing his teeth when he’s excited.

While his face may look gross, the reality is that he literally wants to smile. He smiles when he’s a pet, when he’s being brushed, and when he’s waiting for food. Rescue dog Spike is a dumb and good-humored guy who just wants to play and cuddle with his people.

6th @ Pigeonpup

@ Pigeonpup Screenshot of the TikTok account

Dove is a unique person. Not because she’s a disabled pooch, but because of her sun-shining demeanor and absolute excitement when she does something, which is going for a walk. She has her own wheels to support her back legs so she can run around with the other dogs.

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In her viral TikTok shows how she is strapped to her bikes. Pigeon can barely hold back as she bounces around, distracted. When the friendly pigeon is finally secured in the rig, it jumps around triumphantly like a little child at Christmas and melts the hearts of millions of people.

5 @ Bully.baloo

@ Bully.Baloo on TikTok Screenshot of the TikTok account

This TikTok channel aims to break down the pit bull stereotype by showcasing the friendly, cuddly, and costume-wearing Baloo. While other owners focus on breeding and the overly manly fighting dog aesthetic with chains and cut off ears, Baloo has long, bat-like ears and is often seen swimming, napping, and adventuring with his persona Bella.

His cute and flabby personality will convince anyone that rescuing a pit bull is the best decision they could ever make.

4th @ Ottisthepitbull

@Ottisthepitbull on TikTok

Ottis is a meme and a legend. He’s the famous big-eyed jerk known for his constantly sad-looking face. In reality, he’s a docile and pampered puppy who wears pajamas, has a basket full of toys, and occasionally eats mac and cheese.

Ottis saw his rise to TikTok notoriety after he was caught awkwardly reacting to his person’s mother who wrote the lyrics to Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of U.” screamed. His buggy, nervous facial expressions make for some adorable and fun TikToks as Ottis is incredibly tied to the comfort of life.

3 Kaja_macho

@Kaja_macho on TikTok - screenshot of the account

Kaja and Macho are a TikTok cheerfulness duo that serves the reliability of dog and person. The meek pitty macho is often dressed in costume, for example in a chucky outfit that stands in front of his food bowls, while the caption describes how Kaja forgot to feed him.

Using props and arranging skits against machos’ cool, patient cuteness creates one serotonin surge after another.

2 @squeaky_slims

@Squeaky_slims on TikTok Screenshot of the account

The dog-and-man duo have made a ton of memes that will appeal to the majority’s sense of humor. Zero and the sincerity of his human being and their mutual love for one another frame the free spirited comedy found on the account that is sure to provoke a few chuckles.

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Zero proves that even the shakiest and most nervous pit bulls can be very well trained due to their determination to protect and be with their people. Some TikToks, namely one that Zero thinks his human is crying over him, are tearfully cute.

1 @Wesleythechickennugget

Wesley is the pit bull prince of Tiktok. Not only does he resemble a little chicken nugget, but his cute, cuddly, puppy-like demeanor has made him notorious as he’s always ready to show off his cuteness for the camera.

Wesley enjoys putting his head on things, namely his person who, like Scooby-Doo, “speaks” and cuddles with his people and siblings. He’s quirky, adorable, and funny, which makes him the perfect internet dog and puppy from a Disney movie.

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